Once Hilarey Johnson has accepted the project, she will correspond with the author to discuss character story arcs, and pronunciations of unique names or made-up words. This is a summary of the timeline listed in the recording contract:

1. Hilarey will record a sample chapter or approximately 15 minutes.

2. Within one week, the author (rights-holder) will ask for revisions to the sample if needed.

3. Once the author approves the sample audio, both parties sign the contract. The author (rights-holder) pays a $250 deposit, which will be applied toward the final cost.

4. Within the agreed upon time frame, Hilarey Johnson will provide the complete audiobook for the author to approve.

5. Within ten days, the author will reply with approval or a list of corrections/changes.

6. New audio will be sent to the author.

6. Author has 3 days to approve corrections.

7. Hilarey Johnson will provide the final corrected audiobook, ready for upload.

8. Within 14 days of receiving the audiobook, and prior to making audiobook available for sale, the remaining payment is due.