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Hilarey Johnson published her first indie novel in 2014. Over the next five years, she self-published two different series, six novels in total.

Most authors have secondary dreams after they publish. This might include having their book translated into another language, or having their book made into an audiobook or a movie.

Hilarey was no exception. So in 2020, she took her first novel to a local audio production company and read it out loud. She’d grown up listening to her mom read aloud, and her dad tell bedtime stories. Hilarey had also read aloud to her children, and therefore had a great love for this kind of storytelling.

The audiobook experience was so rewarding that she recorded a second book. She began by using the local library, Meridian Unbound, and recorded more than half of her second novel in free one-hour appointments.

In 2022, the process developed into an in-home studio. She first began by recording her weekly blog posts for the non-readers in her life—but the benefit was reading, editing, and production experience.

After a year of recording weekly blog posts, a few authors in Hilarey’s local writing community took a chance on her, and let her narrate their novels as well. Hilarey found that spending time inside another author’s storyworld was more fun than she ever imagined. Hilarey now contracts with authors to make their dream of an audiobook a reality.

“Everybody has different hobbies. Some people like making up voices in their closet.”

The Narrator

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Romantic suspense: Artful Deception by Heather Woodhaven

Romantic suspense: Surviving the Storm by Heather Woodhaven

Light-hearted romance: Christmas Ella by Angela Ruth Strong

Coming-of-age literary fiction: Heart of Petra by Hilarey Johnson

“Hilarey Johnson does a great job with different voices…”

“I especially love her bored, “in control” voice for Paxton’s mother…”

“Johnson has the perfect voice for a light, fun, story!